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Scene Title: Wonderland Ball
Scene Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Incomplete
Couple/Characters: Marluxia/Kadaj
Short Summary: Marluxia takes Kadaj to Wonderland for a royal ball.

Marluxia knocked on the guestroom door next to his bedroom. "Kadaj? You almost ready?" He stood in the hall in his formal wear that consisted of black slacks, a red poet type shirt, polished black dress boots, and his jacket. The jacket itself was black that was cut to his waist in the front and had tails in the back; and instead of buttoning down the center, it crossed over about three quarters of the way to the right side of his chest and buttoned down with four silver buttons of the spade symbol, the buttons along with red shoulder pieces, one held in place a silver rope that draped down and under Marluxia's left arm, his sleeves were also turned out and red inside with silver spade cufflinks.

"Maybe" He said with a little frustration as he opened the door and let Marluxia in. He messed with his hair in the mirror and adjusted his formal wear. It was more of a costume if anything, but it was still elegant. It was a dark shade of black with silver and white trimming. It had no sleeves but arm warmers that went surprisingly well with the whole design. Underneath the dress garment was a matching shirt and black pants as well as mid-shin high boots with three buckles. It was finally adorned with a diamond patterned silver belt that hung down a bit to accent the form.

His blue green silted eyes looked to Marluxia. "Well. It's my funeral." He sad as he looked back to the mirror once more and reluctantly pulled away.

Marluxia smiled warmly, "You look wonderful. We love to see fashions from other worlds and when we were at the store getting this I told you you'd look great and I was right. Just one little thing." Crossing the gap between them he carefully pinned a small silver spade symbol on him that blended quite nicely with his outfit. "Every guest at the ball has to some how show what family they're with. Now come on, everyone's waiting."

Leading Kadaj downstairs to the main entrance of the Spade family mansion which was gigantic but less so when one knew the size of the family living there. Stepping out the door into the main courtyard three open carriages, each drawn by two black horses, waited. Marluxia's godparents/soon to be parents rode in one with his grandparents, his two uncles and their wives were in another and in the third was his Uncle Alexander's son, seventeen year old Gabriel, and his date and room for Marluxia and Kadaj.

Kadaj looked at the spade and nodded, thinking that it matched well and would not clash. He walked out of the room and made his way toward the front with Marluxia. He around as he walked. He had never really been many places outside of Midgar. Sure, he had stolen a bike or two and rode of to near by cities or the depths of Midgar, but he had never been to another world outside of twilight and Gaia. He looked at his surroundings and appreciated them. It all seemed so different, he thought as he saw the carriages. That...was interesting.

He had seen horses before, but had never been pulled by one, or even ridden one. Interested, he wanted to go to them, and pet the large gentle creature; however he remembered where he was and started to walk next to the pink haired man once more.

Marluxia smiled at him, watching Kadaj's interest in his surroundings. "Do they have horses in Midgar?" He moved towards the animals pulling their carriage, making sure not to come straight up from behind and spook the horse. "Hey Lady." He smiled petting the right horse on the nose gently. "Are you and Midnight going to give us a nice ride tonight?" The animal snorted, almost as if she were responding. The pink one smiled then turned back to his companion.

"No... It's all machines. There’s some strange creature here and there, and then the wolves outside the lands. The Cat Siths too... but no horses." He watched Marluxia go close, and he followed behind him. They were beautiful; he thought as he came up to the black one named Midnight. He reached a hand out and gently pet the large soft snout of the magnificent animal. "I'll have to ride one of these some day."

Marluxia smiled. "I can take you to the ranch tomorrow; we won't be heading back to Twilight Town until later in the evening." Taking Kadaj's other hand, "We probably shouldn't keep everyone waiting." Leading him back to the carriage, the pink on held the younger's hand letting him stepping up into the carriage. Once everyone was settled in, the drivers lead the horses out towards the main road.

Kadaj accepted his warm hand into his own and followed him into the well formed carriage. He sat down and admired how comfortable it was. He looked out the windows of the carriage as they passed started toward the main road. He didn't try to talk to the other people right away. In all honesty, he wasn't sure what he was doing. He did not feel the sense of being high and mighty here like he did back in Midgar. There, he was one of the most beautiful around. But here... He wondered if he would have to struggle to fit in.

Gabriel sat across from Kadaj, he was young still and very curious, this was his first ball just like Kadaj's. "That's a very interesting outfit, I like it. Is that the kind of style on Gaia?" Curiosity was practically a virtue in Wonderland, because if one never asked questions, one would never learn.

Marluxia leaned back and looked out the window with Kadaj. He had been happy at how welcoming his family had been. It had almost been as if Kadaj had been his friend from childhood and came by after a long time away.

Kadaj had been surprised too. However, as a child from a poor family, you were taught to be suspicious. Rich people did not always have their hearts made of gold like their pockets were. Kadaj looked over to the sweet looking boy. "Somewhat." He said truthfully. "It's not anything casual. Something like this isn't worn day to day, but only for something grand." He explained. He was never going to let go of this outfit as long as he could help it. Something like this cost a fortune in his mind, and he would cherish it.

The teenage boy nodded, "Well you still look very nice I think. Marluxia said you'd never been to a formal event like this. Neither have I, we're not allowed to go until we're seventeen." His girlfriend giggled softly behind her hand at how much of a chatterbox Gabriel was being. "Don't talk his ear off." She said jokingly.

Marluxia laughed as well, before realizing something and turning to the other. "Kadaj... I feel really stupid for not asking this but... What's your last name again?" There was a pink blush of embarrassment to match his hair.

"It's fine." He said to the girl as he looked at the other nicely made man. Did he just live in the looks shithole of the world? He wondered at all the nicely built men he had encountered. He looked to Marluxia for a moment and wondered just why he was blushing. "I don't have one." He said as he looked to Marluxia. With the confused look from Gabriel, he explained. "My mother was an orphan, and was impregnated by my father. He left her not long after she was pregnant with me. So we were never given a last name." It was one of the many reasons he was teased as a child.

Marluxia nodded as his cousin and girlfriend blinked. "I see. I asked just so I could know the right thing to say when we get there. Everyone is announced as they arrive." He realized then that he hadn't fully explained how things work. "Well since it slipped my mind, here's the run down of the evening: All the guests arrive, are announced in pairs go up to the queen to greet her and wish her a happy birthday and then off to the side to socialize. Once everyone is announced we have dinner. After dinner we return to the ballroom for dancing or step out into the garden if in need of fresh air."

Kadaj nodded that he understood. He put himself in a zone of confidence. He would smile, and act like high society might. He was beautiful and obviously impressive enough to have been asked to come. He looked to Marluxia, chasing away those butterflies. It reflected in his eyes as he placed his hand on his. "I'm a fast learner. I'm sure I'll impress them all."

Marluxia smiled, he'd been glad he had invited Kadaj. He wouldn't tell Kadaj this but he was the third person he had invited. Of course, the two prior to him had been before he had met Kadaj. Larxene didn't want to go because she didn't like fussing with high society and Xigbar had fussed way too much over traditions and rules and offending people, he'd just over analyzed the situation and wouldn't have fun. Kadaj had been the perfect companion to join him. "I've noticed that so I'm sure you will. Not to mention, the Queen loves to meet 'otherworlders' as she refers to them. Being from another world she tolerates more and you get away with a lot because she knows different worlds means different cultures." He smiled and glanced out the window as they rounded the corner. "There it is." He smiled talking about the palace.


"Good to know. Maybe I can flirt around a bit and make some friends." He did not know if this sort of thing made them anything more than what they had originally decided. He wondered what Marluxia thought on the situation, but since there had not been any outward expressions of change, he would act as normal. He knew he was beautiful, and he hoped he could gather some attention. It wouldn't hurt to befriend the rich people.

Marluxia had seen the palace a million times; he was more interested in looking at Kadaj when he wasn't looking. There hadn't been any indication that things had or would change between them, but he did know that Kadaj was beautiful and that it felt good when he held the smaller one.

The carriages pulled up to the front doors. Marluxia let Gabriel's girlfriend out first, ladies first after all, then Gabriel. He then motioned for Kadaj to get out as he followed behind.

"Ready?" He offered his hand to 'the pretty moon boy' as his younger two cousins, nine year old twins Alyss and Aurora referred to him as.



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Apr. 20th, 2009 01:03 am (UTC)
"Yeah." that expression of confidence, that smug smirk that seemed to be placed gently on his face. Even though he was actually self concious of what was about to happen. He was an actor, and he had his confidence and his fake confidence that he could play up, but in the end, he was entering a world that he had only imagined being in. It wasn't that he hadn't thought he would ever get to something like this, but he had not really been prepared for it to happen so quickly, even if as a favor to another student.

He looked to the pink haired man, that sharp intense look in his eyes as he stepped out of the carriage with that smile, the one that seemed to suit him, and only him perfectly. Arrogant, sexy, confident and just a hint of something so specifically Kadaj.

He looked at the large castle like structure before him. Time to shine.
Apr. 20th, 2009 01:25 am (UTC)
Marluxia took a deep breath, he and Kadaj ended up being one of the last of the Spade family to be announced. With Kadaj on his arm, the pair approached the top of the stairs to the ballroom. Standing off to the side was a short little man all dressed up holding note cards. A quick whisper and Marluxia straightened up.

"Announcing," the short man began. "Marluxia Lumaria Bloodrose, the Marquis of Spades and his guest, Kadaj of Gaia."

With a gentle nod, Marluxia walked down with Kadaj. They weren't far behind his Uncle Dante and his wife who were bowing to the Queen and gifting her with birthday wishes.
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