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[Vincent/Xion] [In the Garden] [G]

Scene Title: In the Garden
Scene Rating: G
Warnings: None
Characters: Xion, Vincent
Short Summary: Xion calls Vincent out to the garden for a little talk.

After her last final was over and done with, Xion made a beeline straight for her dorm. She told Vincent to meet her near the band hall's garden after the finals ended, but she didn't know when his were over. Unfortunately, she looked like utter crap when she'd taken her finals. All her wardrobe for the day consisted of a dingy plaid shirt straight from the grunge era, and a pair of sweatpants. She hadn't even bothered to do her hair.

"Perhaps I should've been more specific about the time." she wondered aloud. With a shrug, she tossed the thought away and changed her entire batch of clothing, even her underwear. There wasn't any time to take a bath, so she just sprayed some perfume, cherry blossom scented, threw on a black button-up shirt, a dark red plaid skirt, and black flat shoes. After her hair was combed, she took off out the door. The band hall wasn't that much of a walk away, thankfully.

Vincent wondered why Xion wanted to meet him so suddenly, but decided not to think too much on it. He needed the sunlight after finals seeing as how he locked himself up in his room and did nothing but study and practice his cello, anyways.

Vincent was dressed in his normal attire of black slacks and a white, short-sleeved button down top, his hair pulled back into a ponytail. Though, for the past week of exams, he was caught in jeans and a t-shirt. Making sure that he looked somewhat decent, he started to make his way over to the band hall.

Xion made it there first, and sat down on one of the benches in the garden. She was near the small fountain in the middle of the area, which itself was in plain view of the main entry. She was sure he would walk in through that one, and even if he didn't, all the garden paths lead straight to it. Her heart kept hammering in her chest, and her stomach felt uncomfortably empty. Even so, Xion was grateful she hadn't eaten anything yet. Last thing she wanted was to puke while talking to him.

Vincent did indeed go through the main entry to see Xion sitting on one of the park benches. He stopped brushed his long black bangs out of his face before continuing.

He sauntered towards her and sat down on the bench next to her. His red eyes drifted towards her quietly.

"Was there something you needed?" he asked curiously. Obviously he wasn't as keen on the uptake that this was the perfect atmosphere for a confession, but that was his fault for not being more social.

She saw him coming, but didn't relax. Inwardly, at least. On the outside, she seemed almost as collected as he did.

"Yes, I did. Thanks for coming." she said with a smile. Again those damn butterflies kept fluttering all around her stomach.

Vincent kept a calm look on his face and nodded.

"Mhm...It isn't a problem" he said granting her a lighter look. "What is it?" he asked. Even though she looked calm and collected, he could feel her nerves and he wondered what could have been wrong.

"Well, to tell you the truth...it's really hard to say." she laughed a little. To keep from fidgeting, she stood up and paced a little. God, she couldn't believe how timid she was. That was usually the problem with her. Upbeat and sure of herself to everyone, but when it came down to a tough spot, she was a wreck on the inside and would probably spring at anything that moved. Not to mention, she was confessing, or about to anyway, to probably the sexiest man she'd ever met. Well, Genesis was close to Vincent in her mind, but Vincent was more...approachable. Had she been talking to Genesis, she was sure she would've fainted dead away by now.

"I mean...I've never really...um." she stammered, "I'm sorry...hold on." She shut her eyes and took a few silent, deep breaths to steady herself.

Vincent crossed a leg over the other and let his hands rest in his lap. Crimson eyes watched her fidget and stammer and pace around. He blinked a couple times and tilted his head ever so slightly wondering what had her so wound up. Though, he remained silent to give her that moment she needed to recollect herself.

With one last breath, she forced herself to stay calm. Just seeing him all cool and calm made her feel absolutely ridiculous for being unable to keep her nerve.

'I can't just back off now. I have to say it. I have to...besides, it's Vincent. We're friends, right? He's not gonna laugh at me...hell, I don't know if I've ever seen him laugh!' That got her calm enough to smile and clear her throat.

"Vincent...I uh...well, I'll just say it. I like you."

Vincent blinked again at the confession. Well that was something new. He hadn't have had many confessions before, maybe just one, but as soon as they found out about Chaos, they changed their mind. But obviously, she and Chaos had met before. He nodded, what else could he do? He couldn't necessarily say that he had feelings for her as well. Sure she was nice and cute and intelligent, but she was young.

He had to choose his words carefully, he didn't want to lead her on, but he also didn't want to let her down harshly.

"Thank you...I will keep this in mind..." he said after a slightly long pause.

With that, Xion let out a deep sigh, then grinned.

"Thank God I got that off my chest, huh?" she laughed a little. Her heart was still pounding hard, even after she felt the pinch in her chest. "Sorry to bring you out here for that..."

Vincent shook his head.

"No...it's fine. I'm glad you were able to get that off of your shoulders" he said with a small smile. He uncrossed his legs. "I'm sorry that I don't feel the same way". His small smile fell slightly back into his reserved look. He would try to make it the least awkward as he could. The feeling didn't bode well for anyone.

"It's alright. I kinda expected it, you know?" she laughed again. She felt pathetic on the inside, though. She wanted to hit herself for being so pitiful about it. Xion forced herself to smile again as she stretched. "Well...finals are over, huh? Thank God."

Inwardly, Vincent felt pretty bad for her to know that it was going to be a futile effort. He didn't let it show on his face, though, that would have just made things more difficult. Instead, he let another small smile drift to his lips.

"Yes...How do you think you did?" he asked leaning backwards against the back on the bench, his hands still in his lap.

"A's all around!" she said confidently. "After all, I'm a good student."

She looked very sure of herself, as she should've been. In all areas but math, she'd managed to get a B or higher. Since she'd studied her ass very well off in order to pass the math test, she was sure it wasn't for naught. "How about you?"

"All A's as well" he nodded. He didn't think anyone would have expected less from him since he hadn't said a word ever since exam week started and he was very concentrated in his studies. It drove Chaos absolutely insane. He would probably make another appearance soon enough.

"I'm glad you did well" he said with a nod

"Thanks." she said with a smile. "So...summer's practically knocking on the door. I love summer. Worries seem so far away, and all you really have to worry about is work if you have a job. You know?" She herself had one job in mind. A cafe had recently opened up in Traverse Town, she'd read, and it was exactly her type of place. "Will you be going home for the break?"

"Perhaps..." he began, though he really didn't have a home to go to, "I'll probably find an apartment somewhere around here..." he mused out loud. He had gotten paid nicely from his gigs and he didn't spend much, so starting off an apartment wouldn't be that much of a hassle with him. Plus, he'd have to find a full time job sooner or later. He couldn't live off of his gigs alone.

"I'll be heading back home...Traverse Town. Think you could drop by some time? I'm wanting to work at this cute little shop near the train station." she asked, smiling.

His smile widened a bit at the invitation and he nodded once. "That sounds nice" he said sitting back up straight and placing his hands to his side to rest on the bench.

"Wow...my first semester is over. Fun, fun, fun." she laughed. "Well, I guess I should go finish packing. I have to be at the station in a couple hours."

Standing up, he looked towards the dormitories.

"Mhm...I should pack up my own things before the dorms close" he said with a very slight sigh. And find an apartment and find a job and everything else. He was going to be busy yet again. Oh well, at least that would keep Chaos at bay for a little while.

"So I'll see you next semester?"

"Yes...hopefully" he confirmed looking back at Xion. "And perhaps this summer as well"

"Yup." she grinned back at him. She walked forward and past him. "Guess I'll see you later then." She felt her heart hammering in her chest again, and thought he definitely must've heard it. It was so loud she thought even people on the other side of campus could hear it.

"Mhm..." He watched as she walked, and contrary to Xion's thoughts, he couldn't hear her heart pounding, just the still quiet of the garden and the light trickling of the fountain. '

She waved a little, then started back to her dorm. Outside, she was smiling and had her arms behind her back as though just relaxing on her walk. Inside though, she felt miserable. If there was a way to describe it, she felt as though a tornado had run through her and left everything in ruins. And it was raining on said ruins. Raining hard. That feeling of nausea returned, and she felt like bowing to the porcelain god and sobbing all night. Instead, she was just going to suck it up and finish packing. She only had a small window of time before she had to be at the station and ready to go, after all.

"God...I actually look forward to going home...I think I'm sick."


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May. 25th, 2009 09:06 pm (UTC)
[Too lazy to switch to an RP journal :3]
D'aww~~ I think I almost died of cute~!

-pets Xion-

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