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Scene Title: Midnight Surprises
Scene Rating: PG at the moment. Could change!
Warnings: None!
Couple/Characters: Pence/Namine
Short Summary: Namine surprises Pence with her ability to climb through windows.

It was quickly approaching midnight in a modest house on the outskirts of Twilight Town and for the occupant of said house, early morning classes meant that bedtime would soon be calling his name. The young brunette made his way through the house, locking up and turning on the small lamp on the table beside the front door to light his fathers way whenever he made his way home. Though, Pence wouldn't be surprised if he slept at the restaurant like he had done so many times in the past.

The college sophomore made his way up the darkened stairway to his bedroom, walking over to his laptop as he pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it toward the laundry basket in the corner of the room, his pants soon following as he reached for his pajamas. A short email to his girlfriend later, he shut down his computer, a smile on his face as he slipped into the bathroom and reached for his toothbrush.

When he finally emerged from the bathroom, he flipped off the light and slid into bed beneath the blankets, a soft breeze flowing through his room thanks to his open window. A few short moments later, his eyes fell closed as he slipped off to sleep.

By all rights, the young blonde should have been terrified to go out at such an hour by herself after all that she had experienced on these streets when out alone, but for some reason, she had grown more confident since her return from her trip to Europe with her sister. So much of her personality and attitude had changed since then, so she knew she'd be safe as she set out into the darkness with a torch to find her boyfriend's house.

Why she chose to go out at such a godforsaken hour to surprise the man in her life, but they did have their little quirks between them. Soon, her torch light captured the front door of his house and she moved around to the side, switching the light off and leaving the torch on the ground before climbing up, using the drainpipe, to her boyfriend's bedroom window, tapping on it gently.

"Pence...?" Namine whispered softly, hoping he'd be able to hear her and wasn't too far gone.

The young baker was sound asleep, his mind actively dreaming as he snuggled deeper under the blankets, trying desperately to ignore the sound of the tree branch that was tapping at his bedroom window. His eyes slowly opened, blinking slightly into the darkness as it slowly began to dawn on him that there was no tree beside his window. He blinked sleepily at the window, taking a few moments to register exactly what was going on.

"Namine...?" he murmured softly as he pushed the blankets away and got to his feet. He opened the window wide enough to allow her him, taking her hand to help her safely into his bedroom.

"What are you doing here...? Is everything okay...?"

She couldn't help but giggle as she was brought into the bedroom, stumbling a little even though she was only wearing a pair of flat tennis shoes. The choice to wear a skirt was most likely not a good one, but who would seriously be out at midnight trying to look up a young woman's skirt?

She didn't want to think of the answer to that.

"I shouldn't have worn the skirt!" Namine laughed softly, dusting herself down. "I'm fine, I'm fine, just thought I'd see if you were awake! Didn't know you went to sleep so soon! Did you want me to go?"

Pence was still blinking sleepily as he tried to register what his blonde girlfriend was telling him, his eyes automatically drifting downward at her mention of her skirt, a slight grin crossing his face. "But I like it when you wear skirts!" he declared, his state of half-consciousness causing him to be a bit more forward than he would normally be.

He shook his head slightly as he began to wake up, smiling as he slid his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. "I emailed you to tell you that I was going to bed!" he teased as his hands came to rest on her hips, kissing her softly to let her know that, no, he didn't want her to leave now that she was here.

"Stay... we could have a midnight snack or something!"

Her own eyes drifted southwards at the attention now drawn to her skirt, the hemline of which had become considerably shorter as her confidence had grown. Another melodic laugh escaped her lips before her violet-blue eyes met with his, flushing at the kiss that was placed on her lips.

"You want me to stay for a midnight snack?" the blonde smiled, grateful for whatever time she could get with him. "I'd like that! What have you got in anyway?"

The brunette smiled at the slight blush on his girlfriends cheeks, leaning in to kiss her again before pulling her farther into his bedroom, reaching over to switch on the light. There, now they could see better than the soft light the moon was giving off.

Pence smiled as his hand fell to hers, lacing their fingers together as he gave her a gentle tug toward the door, leading her downstairs to the large kitchen that seemed out of place compared to the simplicity of the rest of the house.

"We have a little bit of everything. Anything you're in the mood for~?"

She had to admit that the kitchen in his house really was something else, definitely compared to the kitchen she had at her house. Her mother's kitchen had to be at least half the size of this one, but with this being the home of a restauranteur, it was no real surprise. And also, unlike her mother's kitchen, this one was well-kept, clean and organised. The kitchen at her mother's home was terribly disorganised, courtesy of her brothers constantly being around, especially after her oldest brother Leo moved back in following the death of her father.

"Well... I usually like to make smoothies if I'm up this late with Kairi," Namine noted, sitting herself at the breakfast bar. "So, do you want to do that? It'll be fun! And they're always yummy and good for you!"

Pence watched with a small smile as she looked around the kitchen once he had flipped the light on. This room was his fathers baby and was full of restauarant grade appliances despite the fact that it was rarely used thanks to both of them spending most of their time at the restaurant.

"Smoothies you say? Sounds pretty good, actually!" He smiled as he make his way to the refrigerator, gathering an assortment of the different varieties of fruit that was available to him.

"Hey Nami, if you open that door that's near your feet, you'll find our well-used smoothie maker!" He glanced over at her as he placed his fruit offerings on the countertop within her reach. "I think we have a good assortment for some interesting flavors!"

A few blinks later and the girl sprung to life after seeming to fall into her own world in her head, going into the cupboard near her feet to take out the smoothie maker, lifting it up easily onto the counter.

"There!" she smiled. "That's a big smoothie maker! What is it, industrial or something?"

She looked around the room with a contented smile, taking in her large and bright surroundings before turning her attention back to her partner.

"Oh! I have some news!" Namine commented, watching him as he worked away. "My mom is dating again! My brothers talked her into it..."

"You still with me?" He asked with a laugh as he went back to the refrigerator to grab some yogurt and milk, returning to the counter to join his girlfriend. "Oh, you know dad, if it's not restaurant quality, he won't have it in the house!"

The yogurt, milk and a variety of the fruits were soon buzzing away in the smoothie maker as Pence slid his arms around the petite blonde, affectionately nuzzling her cheek as she spoke.

"Your mom's dating again? That's great!" He smiled as his thoughts drifted to his own father. "Who knows, if your mom will date again, maybe my dad will do the same eventually!" He laughed as he poured the mixture into a tall glass, nudging it toward his girlfriend. "All yours!"

Taking the glass gratefully, she went into one of the kitchen drawers and took out a straw, remembering from a previous visit where they were kept and sticking it into the thick smoothie in front of her, drinking from it slowly.

"But your dad is rarely ever home! How is he supposed to get a date if he's never around?" the blonde laughed, taking another slow sip of her smoothie. "Besides, the guy my brothers picked out for my mom lives pretty closeby, so they see a lot of each other and they enjoy one another's company. I've seen them together, they're really cute~"

Instead of making himself a seperate smoothie, the young culinary arts student made himself comfortable beside Namine at the breakfast bar, leaning over to take his own drink once she had pulled away from the straw.

"I'm glad your mom has decided to start dating again though! She's a great lady and deserves some happiness!" He smiled as he shifted slightly to slide his arm around Namine's waist. "Sounds like you're happy with this arrangement too!"

"As for dad..." he shrugged slightly as he leaned in to take another drink of her smoothie. "I've never seen him date. I swear he's married to the restaurant and it makes him happy."

"I don't think that's good, you know," Namine commented as the plucked the straw in her fingers and started to stir it slowly through the thick smoothie. "I don't think your father should bury himself in his work to try and hide from the real world... I'm not a shrink, but it can't be healthy to just hide from reality by pretending he isn't a human man with the same needs as every other...

"He won't be happy for long," her tone seemed to become more sombre. "The world he's in right now won't keep him for much longer. I can see his world falling apart around him soon; the cocoon he's wrapped around himself will start to crack, and he'll see..." she swallowed hard, her eyes seeming to glaze over a little. "He'll see that so much has happened around him that he hasn't really noticed, and before long he'll be an old man living alone, regretting his choice to surrender his life and desires so simply..." her tone then softened a little, her gaze shifting to her boyfriend.

"He'll realise, before it's too late, that he can find happiness with a woman again. I can tell that much."

Pence listened quietly to his girlfriend, nodding his head slightly as she told him the very things he'd been telling his father for years. He glanced over at her, kissing her cheek at the sad look in her eyes as he pulled her closer.

"I know... I've been telling him all of this ever since I could remember. I used to try to set him up on dates with my friends single moms and even teacher at my school and the women that came to the restaurant to see the owner cause they thought he was cute." He sighed softly as he hugged her. "He would always blow them off or be so very late for their dates because he was at the restaurant. I know it got him through some tough times after mom died, but he can't hold onto it forever. He needs to get out there and actually live life..."

Her last statement caused him to smile; her ability to glimpse into the future was a pretty amazing thing. "So says the great Namine?" He nudged her gently, the smile evident in his eyes as he tried to lighten the somber mood that had fallen over the two of them at the mention of his fathers lack of love life.

"What about his son? What does the future hold for him?" he asked with a soft laugh as he plucked the straw from her fingers to steal another drink.

"Now, now," she lifted a pale finger and wagged it at him. "You know I can't just reveal the future for you like that! I'm not a coin-operated fortune teller, you know!" she laughed softly as she took the straw back from him to take another drink. "But I will tell you that he's running out of time to get his butt in gear... that much I can tell you for certain."

The young woman's gaze then drifted over to the clock on the wall, noting the time that it read. 12:25am.

"Oooh, jeez, the time..." Namine made a face as she took her final, long slurp from the smoothie before getting to her feet. "It's really getting late now, and Kairi will be wondering where I got to, so I should probably head back before the perverts turn into drunks and I end up on their radar again!"

Pence laughed at his girlfriend's reaction to his question, a grin crossing her face. "You mean you don't work in a dark box at the circus telling everyone's fortunes? I've been lied to!"

His gaze followed hers to the clock as he got to his feet, quickly disassembling the smoothie maker and putting the glass top into the dishwasher, feeling entirely too lazy to actually do dishes at this time of the night. He began to put everything else away, wiping the counter with a damp cloth as amine got to her feet.

The brunette considered her words for a minute before sliding his arms around her and shaking his head slightly. "Its too late for you to walk home by yourself! Call your sister and stay here with me tonight... my bed is plenty big for two... if you want to, that is..."




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