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Twilight Town University

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Twilight Town University Logs
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[1.] This community is for rp logs only! All other posts will be deleted by a mod!

[2.] Make sure that the form is completely and correctly filled out for every rp log you post in this community. If it is not, a mod will contact you and you will have to correct your mistake.

[3.] Make sure the content of your rp log and the form are all spell/grammar checked.

[4.] Make sure all rp logs are fully edited. Fix spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and make sure you delete all screen names.

[5.] Make sure you rate your logs. This is the most important part of the form!

[6.] Make sure your subject lines are correctly filled out with all of the proper information.

[7.] All logs that are rated NC17 must be friend locked! If you are unsure of what is considered NC17, please contact a mod.

[8.] All non-canon works for couplings are to be posted @ tltw_crack

*Rp Log Form:

Subject Line:


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