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Scene Title: Sweetest Downfall
Scene Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Demyx chokes a bitch, Ansem rears his meanie!face, bad language
Characters: Riku, Demyx
Short Summary: Demyx goes to Dubai to see Riku and gets pulled into a bargain between his lover, Xigbar and Ansem.

The change in temperature when Demyx stepped out of the airport was a shocking but welcome one. The heat of the afternoon air completely engulfed him as he swung his duffel bag over his shoulder, a slight grin crossing his face as he took a deep breath. There, that was the smell he'd been missing. He could smell the ocean from here; maybe there would be time for that later, but first he had to find the hotel that Riku was in. Not that it should be too hard, he knew what it looked like and that was the important part!

A triumphant grin crossed his face as he walked down the main strip and found himself at the doorstep of the hotel. "Found you!" he joked to himself as he walked through large and ornate double doors, pausing at the extreme temperature change. The blonde found himself shivering slightly as he stepped farther into the building, mentally kicking himself for not knowing where exactly Riku's room was.

"One way to solve that!" He fished his phone out of his pocket, turning it on as he continued to walk through the large lobby. "Answer your phone!" he insisted after dialling his phone and putting it to his ear, completely oblivious to his surroundings as he waited for his other half to answer.

The young island native was on his way down to the beach today. He was supposed to meet his family later to go out on his uncle’s yacht and have dinner, but his grandparents were working this morning so he had some time to himself. His intentions for this portion of free time included some surfing and maybe snorkelling. The silver-haired youth knew that his lung still wasn’t up to diving, much to his dismay.

As he stepped out of the elevator, towel slung casually over his shoulder, Riku started across the grand lobby of the self-professed seven-star hotel, when something unexpected caught his eye.

I know that guy… don’t I?

Aqua eyes blinked a few times as they focused in on the tanned male in the lobby, phone stuck to his ear, eyes wandering as they took in their new, sumptuous surroundings. When his face came into Riku’s sight, however, the Marine Biology major’s heart nearly stopped.

What was he doing here?!

“D-Demyx?!” the younger muttered to himself, quietly walking across the lobby floor, coming to face his lover’s back. He then lifted his hand and smacked it against the older one’s head hard. That was his idea of an introduction, given the circumstances.

A ragged sigh left Demyx's lips as he rubbed his eyes tiredly, not even bothering to stifle a yawn as he looked around the lobby of the hotel. This would be an amazing place to take some pictures for the portfolio he so desperately needed to get started on. At the sound of Riku's voice mail, he laughed softly, shaking his head slightly before leaving his husband a message.

"Riku! Where are you? I dunno why I'm actually calling you, maybe I just miss you, or maybe I'm up to something completely insane. You never know with the way my mind works sometimes," he paused to laugh softly at how insane he sounded. "Anyways, I actually just called to tell you that I love you and that your ass better call me back!"

He had barely shoved the phone safely into his pocket when he felt the hard slap on the side of his head, unable to stop the wince from crossing his face. His hand immediately went up to rub the sore spot, turning to fact the only person that would ever greet him like that. He shot Riku a happy grin as he raked his eyes over his husbands face, saying the one word that came to his mind.


“That’s putting it lightly!” Riku’s brow creased as he glared at his partner, wondering why in the world he had come out all this way to see him. It couldn’t be for a booty call, surely. Then all of the pieces started to slot into place, and the younger of the two’s frown seemed to get even deeper.

“Ten guesses as to why you’re here, hm?” he reached forward to grab at Demyx’s shirt, realising then that he had to have grown at least two inches in the last few months, as his lover seemed to be… shorter than usual. “Here to babysit me? You know I’m going to be fine, yet you came all the way out here just to double and triple check. I’m 20, Demyx, not twelve!”

While a part of the younger was noticeably pleased to see his partner, the reason behind which the older male was standing there before him did agitate him a little. Why did everyone have to assume that he couldn’t take care of himself, just because he was ever-so-slightly unbalanced?

"Ten guesses but you'll only need one," Demyx said with a soft laugh. He had mentally prepared himself that Riku would be far from happy to see him at first. He knew that Riku didn't like being looked over but there was no way in hell he was going to let him be alone for this. He wasn't going to stop things from happening, but he wanted to be there just in case something went wrong.

"I know you're not twelve Riku! God I'd be such a perv if you were," he couldn't resist teasing him as his partners hand curled into his t-shirt. "I knew when I stepped on the plane in Twilight Town that you wouldn't be happy that I'm here, but I don't care. You know I trust you; it's him that I don't trust. I know he's part of you, but I don't trust the bastard not to kill you just because he fucking can..."

"Anyway, I told you I needed a beach vacation, so here I am and you're not getting rid of me!" he teased before closing the distance between them, sliding his arms around his partner before kissing him.

A groan escaped pale lips at the weak joke, another following after the kiss into which he was pulled. Oh how he hated it when Demyx just kissed him during an argument. It always made him forgive him, no matter what, and Demyx was obviously aware of this fact.

“So, you came out here not only to watch over you know who,” Riku began, giving his partner a rather even glare. “You also came out here to gatecrash my vacation and take advantage of the fact that we’re near a beach?” The hand in the older one’s shirt came down onto his hip as he offered the man he loved a smile, leaning in to kiss him.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to take you up to my room then, won’t I?” Riku smirked a little, tugging Demyx towards the elevator. “I’m warning you; I’m sharing with my grandparents and an aunt and an uncle, so try to behave when they’re around, won’t you?”

A smile crossed the face of the older swimmer at the look on Riku's face after the kiss. He knew how to stop small arguments such as this one before they blew into something huge that would leave them not speaking for days. It was better to stop them before they got too far into that territory, though he would admit that make up sex was always completely amazing.

More kisses were shared between the two of them as he pulled Riku closer, allowing a hand to fall to his lover’s ass, squeezing it playfully. "Oh, you know, the usual. Watch after him, spend lots of time at the beach, spend some quality time with your ass~!" he had a feeling that he was going to be smacked again by that last comment, but Riku was smiling and he didn't care.

The moment they were alone in the elevator, he turned and pressed Riku up against the wall, giving him a heated kiss. "You expect me to behave~? Just who do you think you married, hmm?" The blonde couldn't resist teasing his younger lover even though he knew Riku was right. His presence, as well as several other things, were going to come as a shock to the family he just met and Demyx didn't want to do anything to screw up how well everything was going for his partner.

The younger brushed off his lover’s comments with a smile, barely able to press the button for their floor as he was swept up into a heated and passionate kiss, letting his lover’s hands have free roam of his body as their tongues moved out against one another, their bodies pressed together. It had only been a few days, but Riku silently admitted that he had missed him.

Upon hearing a soft ping from the elevator, he gently nudged his lover away from him as they stepped out onto their floor, using his access card to enter the suite he shared with his family.

The entrance to the room was sweeping; it looked like they were entering a hotel within the hotel. The décor was rich and decadent, with gold leaf adorning the walls and a wide staircase in front of them to take them up to the two bedrooms. Squeezing his lover’s hand, offering him a smile, he lead him up the stairs and into the expansive and luxurious room his grandparents had given to him for the duration of his stay.

“This is amazing, isn’t it?” Riku commented, moving over to the window to look at the views across the beaches and bays below them. “I can’t believe you’re here…” his voice seemed to soften for a moment before the air about him darkened considerably, the presence of someone else now in Riku’s body.

“I genuinely can’t believe you’re here…” the younger turned to look at Demyx, a void look in his eyes. “Make sure the door is closed. I think we need to talk…”

Demyx was unable to stop the soft sound of protest from leaving his lips when Riku nudged him away. "Hey..." he laughed softly at himself when he noticed that the elevator had stopped and he was being led down the hallway. The moment they stepped into the suite, Demyx's eyes widened slightly, his gaze travelling around the massive room. "Wow, when you said your family was loaded, you weren't kidding..."

Once they reached Riku's room, he dropped his bag onto the floor beside the door, finding himself drifting over to the double doors of the balcony, a genuine grin crossing his face at the sight off the beach below them. "That's a gorgeous view and god I can't wait to get out there!" He was so focused on the beach that he didn't notice the subtle change in his lover at first, a happy smile still in his eyes as he turned to face Riku.

"I can't believe I'm here either. I was talking to you online and booking a plane ticket at the same time. Couldn't let you be alone no matter how much you protested." The look on his face was a non-joking one as he walked closer to Riku, blinking a bit in confusion at Riku's last words. And then, he noticed his lover’s eyes and things started to fall into place.


“Well I’m not exactly the fucking Tooth Fairy, now am I?” he sneered over at the previously dumbstruck young man, leaning back against the window as darkened aqua eyes regarded the other with an almost sick interest. “I’m actually rather pleased that you came, to be honest. It’s definitely made my day, seeing you ride in here on your white horse, hoping to save the one you love from meeting an unpleasant end… and no one believed me when I said I wouldn’t kill him. I’m hurt~”

A laugh fell from Riku’s lips as he propelled himself away from the wall, walking over to Demyx, keeping their eyes locked.

“You see, with you here, I can make an all-important modification to the little deal I have going with Xigbar and Riku,” the younger continued, now within close proximity of the older swimmer. “I’m going to give you a choice, Demyx. One that will decide what role you will play in this bargain, seeing as you just insisted on being here…” a dark smirk worked its way onto his lips again.

“Your choice is as follows: you can watch Riku take his painful overdose in a couple of days and have him start to die in your arms, or…” the smirk seemed to grow more sinister. “You can put your hands to his throat and try to kill him yourself. Right now. Should you do that, I’ll give Xigbar all he needs to get Larxene and execute his pathetic revenge against her equally-pathetic captors. Your call, mullet boy.”

Cold chills were dancing up and down the spine of the photography major as he watched Ansem walk around the room, barely taking in what the body of his lover was saying. How had things got to this? How had he not realized that things were this bad with Riku? The way Ansem seemed to take over so easily, without even a noticeable fight from his partner scared him more than anything else he had ever experienced.

As Ansem’s words reached his ears, he completely froze, trying to completely understand what the bastard wanted from him. No, no, he couldn't choose between something like that. "I..." he paused slightly, taking a deep breath before turning to face the person that was currently inhabiting his lovers body as an idea struck him.

"If you're doing this to hurt Riku, you're going about it the wrong way. Hurting himself won't do anything, but if you want to hurt him, you hurt those he cares about," the blonde took a steadying breath, lifting his eyes to meet Ansem’s. "Hurt me... I'll take the pills, I'll do whatever you want… just don't do anything to him. He's been through enough..."

A dark laugh spilled forth from the lips of the silver-haired male, filling the room with the sound.

“Foolish,” he stated blandly. “You’re a fool. Do you think I give a rat’s ass about you? I would derive no pleasure from seeing you take those pills. In fact, I’d inhabit Riku’s mind for long enough so that you’d die and he’d never know why. I’m suggesting this because there is nothing I’d like better than to see you strangling someone you love so dearly, someone who is slowly but surely losing the will to live…”

Riku’s entire expression seemed to grow more sinister by the second, as he moved over to the bedside table, going into the drawer and taking out an ornate pocket knife, holding it up to show Demyx.

“Would you rather I do it? Would you rather I take his life?” he asked, obviously trying to rile the other into action. “Because you know I will. I’ll bleed him out and make you sit there and watch like a helpless child. I’ll take him away from you forever, and leave you a hollow and empty shell of a human being while Riku gets what he’s always wanted: death. And you will live on in the knowledge that you could have saved him but you just never had the guts…!”

Demyx's mind was racing as everything that Ansem had just said ran loops through his brain. He reached out a hand to brace himself on the wall, his eyes never leaving the knife that had been pulled out of the drawer. He should have known that Ansem would never have allowed him to save Riku the pain, but it didn't stop him from wanting to. And then, there was the little voice in the back of his head that kept repeating four little words over and over again Riku wants to die...

"No," he murmured softly, shaking his head as if to shake those thoughts away. This was Ansem, and he couldn't be trusted, not about that... but then again, he would know what was going on in Riku's head. That would have to be a talk for later, a talk for after he tried to kill the person he loved more than anyone else.

He took a deep breath as he stepped toward Ansem, unable to hide the fact that his hands were shaking. "Just until he stops breathing and then you'll give him where Larxene is, right?" he asked softly, unable to stop himself from caressing the skin beneath his fingers lightly as he put his hands to Riku's neck.

It was better this way, right? Riku wouldn't hurt; there would be no trip to the hospital so his family wouldn't find out, or his parole officer. It would keep him out of trouble right?

Riku couldn’t stop yet another laugh escaping his lips at the feel of the other’s hands on his neck. This whole situation was laughable.

“Don’t be so pathetic!” he chastised the other male. “You’ll barely make my heart rate climb with the way you’re acting. Think about it this way: it’s me you’re strangling, not Riku. Think about all the things I’ve ever done or said to you; all the things that have made Riku suffer throughout his life. Think about the fact that I’m the reason your lover-boy wants to die so badly. I’ve destroyed his life and I’m eating away at what’s left of his soul. Soon, there will be nothing left of the man you profess to love so dearly…

“And here’s your chance; a chance to get back at me for all of that. I took his life away, Demyx, and I’m going to keep taking from him until there’s nothing left to take; until he’s just a shadow, waiting to jump off a cliff into the oblivion below him where he will pray for death…” every word the younger was saying was designed to make Demyx angry. He wanted a violent reaction from the older swimmer.

“He’ll never be free of me. I will haunt him until the day he takes his own life, which is only months away, let me assure you. His life is going to end, and you’re facing his killer and doing nothing…”

The older blonde was unable to stop the surge of pure anger from welling up inside of him at the words that were being thrown at him. He tried to push that anger away, tried to remind himself that it was Riku that was beneath his hands, but he was failing as he started to squeeze the flesh beneath his hands.

"You are nothing but a fucking bastard," his voice was low, the grip on his partners throat getting tighter as he stared into unfamiliar eyes, desperately just wanting him to get out of his partner, wanting him to never be seen again. "You only care about you, Riku dies and so do you, or do you not care about yourself?" he kept his voice quiet, unable to hide the anger behind his words, not realizing that the grip he had on his partner would surely cause bruises.

"You can't fucking have him! I won't let you!" he insisted, watching the steady rise and fall of Riku's chest get less steady, he could feel his heart racing, but the look in his lovers eyes still wasn't his. He was doing this to Ansem, not to Riku! He had to keep telling himself that as he squeezed even tighter, wanting this to be as quick as possible on both of them.

He wasn't sure how much longer he could keep this up...

The smirk on his lips was almost sickening, his heart starting to race as his body found itself becoming starved of oxygen, his pale face growing paler and paler by the second as he started to run out of air.

“Go on…” Riku choked, still egging Demyx on. “Take your anger out on me… you know that he’s mine now, that you’ll never have all of him… he will always be my victim, my hostage… he’ll be in perpetual pain… every day for the rest of his miserable life…”

It was working far better than Ansem had envisioned it would. Having the older one, angrily constricting the neck of the man he loved, not quite computing that he and Riku were one and the same. Demyx was killing him and Ansem loved every second of this torture. And as he felt himself edging closer and closer to unconsciousness, he was ready to truly stick a pin into the situation.

All yours now, Riku…

Within moments, Ansem’s darkness faded from Riku’s face, leaving the younger swimmer there once more, a look of pure terror in his eyes, unknowing as to why Demyx was doing what he was doing. He brought his hands to Demyx’s, feebly trying to loosen them, gasping for air.

“D-Demyx…” Riku choked out before his hands fell limp at his sides, eyes sliding shut as his world blacked out, unable to breathe.

"No... He’s not yours! You can't fucking have him!" The anger was still swirling around him as he growled softly into Ansem's ear. "We're going to find a way to get rid of you. You can't stay in there forever. Riku is going to get stronger and stronger and you're going to get weaker and weaker until he can crush you like a fucking bug and we'll never have to deal with you again," he vowed softly, watching as the others breathing got more and more labored.

"No..." the blonde swimmer whimpered softly, unable to hide the flash of fear that crossed his face when he found himself staring into familiar blue eyes and felt Riku's hands weakly grabbing at his. That fucking bastard! He had done this on purpose! "I'm sorry," he whispered softly as Riku blacked out, pulling him into his arms as he cuddled him close, kissing his lovers lifeless form before laying him down on the bed, pushing the pillows aside.

"Come on Riku, come back to me baby, please," he pleaded softly as he checked for a pulse, hoping that his husband would start breathing on his own. But he wasn't taking any chances; he lowered his lips to Riku's, not for a kiss this time, but to gently blow air into his lungs; hoping that the slight stimulation would cause his body to react and start breathing again.

A deal is a deal, Riku. And regardless of what those assholes think, I am a man of my word…

A loud gasp and a few spluttered coughs signalled Riku’s return to life, taking in a few more gulps of air as he tried to regulate his severely erratic breathing. Adrenaline was still coursing through his veins from the sheer horror of seeing someone he loved trying to kill him. For the first few minutes, Riku was stunned and afraid, not really computing all of the variables to explain why his lover had done what he had done. His limbs were trembling as the adrenaline continued to run through him, his eyes still conveying that same fear they had moments before his losing consciousness.

As his heaving chest started to calm, and his face gained back some colour, the silver-haired swimmer started to understand more of what had happened. Or, more accurately, what could have happened.

“Xigbar…” Riku breathed heavily. “I have to call Xigbar…”

An obvious look of relief crossed Demyx's face at the sound of Riku's coughs and the sight of him opening his eyes. He opened and closed his mouth a few times to say something, but nothing would come, especially not after he saw the look of fear in Riku's eyes whenever he looked at him.

He gently ran his fingers over Riku's neck, biting his bottom lip at the sight of the red, finger shaped marks that marred his lovers pale flesh. He hated them already and they hadn't yet turned into bruises and he found himself hoping that they wouldn't. At the sound of Riku's request, he knew that Ansem had actually followed through on his word and given him the location.

The older one scrambled for Riku's cell phone, placing the device into his lovers shaking hands before getting to his feet. "I-I'll be right back," he stammered softly, going into the bathroom and closing the door behind him, making sure to lock it as he didn't want Riku to know what he was about to do.

The moment the lock was turned, Demyx hit his knees on in the middle of the floor, silent sobs wracking his body as the look in Riku's eyes moments before he had blacked out haunted his thoughts.



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